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ŽagubicaThrough the centuries strange stories laced with mysteries are being told about the Homolje. This is not unusual about the area which was not desecrated by the civilisation, and which in itself holds beauties and wonders that are rarely seen, and because of which the ones who discover it sooner or later call the paradise on the earth. Entering these areas of ours full of secluded forests, playful springs, emerald green streams, ancient customs and edifices from long ago those who, while being children, loved and read fairytales will have the impression of being in one of them.


The gate of this region in the west is the gorge of Gornjak, trough which the river Mlava runs to meet the river Danube. The passage of Gornjak leads on to the mountain Beljanica, the southern borderline of Homolje. Crni Vrh( the Black Peak ) the most eastern part of the area, is facing the town of Bor and the Negotin area; The Homolje Mountains are the northern gate, facing the towns of Majdanpek and Kučevo – Zvižd.

The Municipality of Žagubica is lokated some 167 km ( 100 miles ) away from Belgrade, 80 km ( 45 miles ) from Požarevac, covering the area of 760 square kilometerswith its 17 settlements and population of 15 000 people.

Žagubica is a small town with the population of about 4 000 people and the residence of the Municipality of Žagubica, in the region of Homolje, Eastern Serbia. It is located on the northern side of the Beljanica Mountain, on the banks of the cristal clear river Mlava. It is surrounded by the still intact nature dominated by real pearls and monuments of nature, the uniqueness which captures undivided attention of the experts from around the world.

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