Spa Junakovic

Apatin---lokacija-3Spa Junakovic is located only a few kilometers from Apatin, in the nortwest part of broad plain of Backa not far away from left side of the Danube.

The chemical analyses confirm that the water of this spa, with its temperatures up to 60° C, is of the same kind as those found in Karlovy Vary, Harkany and Lipik.


The thermal water is used for medical treatment of various kind of rheumatism, as well as treating the consequences of traumas and cerebral insult and gynecological maladies especially primary and secondary sterility and degenerative changes in the meno – pause. The therapeutic facilities include a hydrotherapeutic section ( 9 x 8 m indoor pool and baths for underwater massage ) , electric therapeutic devices ( laser, magnet, biolamp etc. ) two saunas, a kinezik therapeutic ward and paraffin rooms as well as hand massage. The team of doctirs and therapists controls all the therapies.

The modern hotel has 270 beds, a restaurant, an aperitiv bar, a grill restaurant, as well as a complex of 10 outdoor pools tennis courts beach volley, football and handball playgrounds. 

The river Danube flows near Apatin providing suitable terrains for fishing and water sports. There are beautiful forests by the river rich with animals and birds which is especially iteresting for those who are keen on hunting, foto safari and bird – watching.

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