Bački Monoštor

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  • Municipality: Sombor
  • Postal code: 25272
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 25

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Ethno houseIn the heart of the Special Nature Reserve, in the embrace of the Danube, Bački Monoštor warmly calls each passenger.

Visit our Ethno houses, a collection of dolls in national Shokac costumes, old crafts and women’s handicraft, enjoy the local specialties in restaurants or at the host.

Accommodation capacity is one touristic bus.

– Carnival ( february )
– Days of hony and bee ( february )
– Hunters ball ( february )
– Fishermans ball ( march )
– Planet Earth day ( 22. april )
– Environment day ” Who respects a flower, will respect a world too ” ( O5. june )

Environment, with endless forests and waters, as well as a rich flora and fauna, provides an ideal opportunity for hiking, boating, canoeing, bicycle and coach riding, bird –  watching, photographing, fishing, camping, as well as visiting a number of bungalows, Bački Monoštor proudly bears a title : ” The Gate of Gornje podunavilje “ .

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