The ecology classroom Baračka

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  • Municipality: Sombor
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 25

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The ecology classroom Baračka is located at the special reserved area of the Upper Danube Region, twenty kilometres far from Sombor near Bezdan. It is an ideal place for studying the ecosystem of forests, meadows and still watersas well as streams and rivers.

The educational programme in this nature area includes the ptotection of environment, the school of fishing, the school of rowing, scouts – surviving in nature, camping, the path of health, wood, reed, clay and flower workshops.

There are excellent conditions for recreation, fishing, rowing, runing, orientation in the nature, watching of forest and waterfowl, water plants as well as animal population.

There is also a very nice sandy beach near the Ecology Classroom with the seven boats available for rent.

The Ecology Classroom can accommodate 140 people in rural environment. It also has an arranged lawn suitable for 20tents.

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