Restaurant Dinčić

When you become tired after walking or swimming and sunbathing, the beautiful atmosphere of  restaurant   ” Dinčić” will certainly attract your attention. A spacious terrace surrounded with greenery and black locust trees offers a perfect feeling.  Good food is a characteristic of this restaurant.

The ” Silver Lake” hotel

The “Silver lake” hotel, high “B” category was built at the very lake bank. Its capacity is 240 beds in double-bed or three-bed rooms. The capacity of restaurants and terraces with the magnificent view over the black locust forest and the lake is more than 500 places.

Silver Lake

In order to protect Ram marsh from subterranean waters a Danube’s branch which went round was damed at its upper part near Zatonje village in 1971. In this way the Silver lake appeared, 14 kilometers long, 300 meters wide and at some points 3 meters deep. In the afternoon hours when the sun sets, milions …

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Veliko Gradište

The Municipality of Veliko Gradište is situated in the north – eastern part of Serbia and belongs to Podunavski  region ( Braničevo country ).It streches over 344 square kilometres includes 25 villages and 28,000 inhabitants. The town itself numbers the population of 6, 000 people, and it is the administrative, industrial and cultural centre. Veliko …

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The Arilje winter joys – The manifestation is organised by the Comission for Drug Abuse Prevention. It takes place during the winter school holiday ( January – February ) . Film matinees, film marathon, theatrical performances, sport tournaments ( volleyball, basketball, chess, badminton, archery, table – tennis ) , ski school, painting workshop, Internet workshop, …

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The Klisura Monastery

The Klisura Monastery in Dobrače is located on the left bank of the Moravica, between the rocks and mountains, 13km from Arilje on the road Arilje – Ivanjica. The monastery got its name after the geographical location – the Moravica gorge. The monastery was built upon the ruins of an old church and during its …

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The municipality of Arilje is situated in the western part of the Republic of Serbia and is a part of Zlatibor County, its altitude being from 330 up to 1382m. It covers an area of 349km2 among the three rivers-the Moravica, the Veliki and the Mali Rzav (one of the cleanest rivers in Europe). Its …

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Bečej-heart of Vojvodina

BEČEJ  is a town in the heart of the province of Vojvodina, situated in the middle of the course of the river Tisa on her way through Serbia,on its right bank in Bačka. Bečej is also the centre of the municipality which includes Bačko Petrovo selo, Bačko Gradište, Rasdičević and Mileševo. Here,in this municipality, citizens …

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Orašac-keeper of past

The well-known place of Orašac, only 70 km away from Belgrade, is considered the cradle of the modern Serbian statehood. It was in this Sumadian village that in the far 1804, at the Visitation of the Virgin Holiday (2/15 February), all prominent Serbs met and agreed to raise an insurrection against the centuries-long Turkish rule …

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Monastery Gornjak

Gornjak monastery is located in Gornjacka gorge, between Žagubica and Petrovac Na Mlavi. Construction of the monastery was finished in 1380, and the founder was king Lazar. Since the monastery was built, the monastic life went on uninterrupted up to this day. The oldest preserved structures are a church dedicated to Ascension and the small …

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Petrovac na Mlavi

Community Petrovac na Mlavi is located in Eastern Serbia, in county Branicevo.His spread 654.9 km2.By the census in this community lives 45 706 inhabitants ( Serbian and Vlahian origin ) . City Petrovac as the center of community, has 8 772 inhabitant. Relief is presented with hills and plains. Climate is moderate continental. Hidrography is …

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Restaurant Zlatnik

In the heart of Petrovac na Mlavi there is restaurant with ambient that get you on your knees on the first sight. Architecture of this building pointed that this place is worth of attention and admiration. On enter of restaurant one can catch a dim sight of its garden which gives the place a full …

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Restaurant Evropa

We are located in the centre of Petrovac. We offer you specialties of domestic and international cuisine: – lamb on a stick, – lamb ispod saca(Serbian traditional way of preparing food), – fish specialties, – chicken, – venison specialties. You can organize different kinds of festivity lunches, presentations… Address: 57 8th October st. Petrovac

Restaurant Konak

KONAK restaurant invites you to come by and enjoy the specialties from barbecue, stews, meals by order… In a pleasant ambience you can expect quality service and kind staff. KONAK Address: 38 Srpskih Vladara st. Petrovac on Mlava river

Restaurant Lovac

In restaurant LOVAC you can expect pleasant and homelike atmosphere. Restaurant is working from 1982 and represents a family heritage. What we with pleasure recommend to you is: – stews, – homemade soups, – different kinds of sarma, – tripes in sauce, – barbecue, – different kinds of roasted meat, – trout fish. LOVAC Address: …

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