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      The old dish very popular and frequently prepared, though enriched, even today is pita ( pie ).

      The word ” pita ” originates from the Greek word ” petta “. The pie dough is made of wheat flour and water and ” jufka ” (Arabian ” ufqua “) meaning thin layers of dough. It is stretched over a rolling pin and then over a low table to make it completely thin.

      All female children were tought this skill so that 10 year old girls can replace their mothers in that kind of work. Making the pies was a skill they were to learn in their very young years. After a while the thin layer of dough is stuffed, then rolled and arranged in a round casserole dish.

      Some time ago the pies were prepared in iron pans for baking underneath the embers while today the are baked in modern ovens.

      Stuffing for the pie can be of cheese and eggs ” cheese – pie “ also of potato ” potato – pie “ , of pumpkin ” pumpkin – pie “ and of eggs, cheese and greens ” green – pie “.

      Even today the skills of a woman are frequently estimated by her success in making these kinds of pie.

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