Baždarska cave

Baždarska cave is located in Ursule village on the right bank of the Uvac, at around 18 km northwest of Sjenica. The entrance of the cave is located at an altitude of 1075 m, and it is 155 m above the riverbed of the Uvac. Contrary to the Ušac cave system and Tubića cave, it …

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Tubića cave

Tubića cave is located around 5 km northwest of Sjenice, in the village of Lopiže, the hamlet of Tubića. The entrance of the cave is located at an altitude of 1020 m, and its exit is a spring, adjacent to the very riverbed of the Uvac, at an altitude of 980 m. The cave consists …

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Come to the teferič

Residents of Sjenica have been organizing meetings to celebrate their tradition and ethnic heritage, known as Teferič, ever since they can remember, and always on a certain day in the same place in Vrele, Karajukića Bunari, Trijebine, Cetanovići, Štavalj. As soon as one Teferič is over, preparations immediately been for another and it is eagerly …

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Cicvara, a specific type of porridge, once used to be a very popular dish and it is often mentioned as a particular delicacy. It is still made today on special occasions. It is usually prepared with barley, com or wheat flour. It is prepared by melting a chunk of lard or butter in a pan, …

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The Sultan-Valida Mosque

The Sultan-Valida Mosque is located in the center of Sjenica. It was built in the mid – 19th century as the endowment of the mother of Abdul Hamid. Its size and shape make it a significant urban detail of the place. Regarding its construction, it has all the characteristics of monumental architecture, with a dominant …

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Sjenica is located in the southwestern part of central Serbia and is the seat of the Pešterske plateau. It is situated on the banks of the Grabovica, the right tributary of the Uvac, in the Sjenica valley which is surrounded by the mountainsJavor ( 1519 m ), Golija ( 1884 m ), Gilijeva ( 1449 …

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