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Ada Ciganlija

The nature was extremely generous to Belgrade and it endowed the city with every possible gift. Belgrade has an extraordinary location, it has two rivers, the Sava and the Danube, and true jewels that come with the rivers – the islands. The island of Ada Ciganlija, a sports, recreation, cultural and entertainment center as well …

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Botanical Garden

Unlike in other world metropolises, Belgrade’ s the Botanical Garden Jevremovac, is located in the very heart of the city or more precisely between the streets: Bulevar Despota Stefana, Dalmatinska,Takovska and Vojvode Dobrnjca. It was founded in 1889. The open section of the Garden has approximately 350 tree and bush species and about 700 herbs …

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Academic Park

The Academic Park is located in the Students’ Square, between Vasina Street and the square, and it has grown together with the central city area.  In the Roman times, the space of the square was part of the urban settlement Singidunum. As regards the Middle Ages, there are not many data regarding its appearance and …

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Tašmajdan Park

Tašmajdan Park is located between the streets: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, Takovska, llije Garašanina and Karnegijeva. The Street Starine Novaka divides it up into two parts – Big and Small Tašmajdan.  In the Turkish language, the word ‘ tašmajdan ‘ means ‘ quarry ‘ or ‘ rocky field ‘ . Therefore, this whole area in which …

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Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park is a green oasis in the heart of the city. With its position, historical importance and functionality, it plays a special role in the life of the city as well as in the life of its citizens. It is one of the very few parks that can boast of more than a century long …

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Topčider park

The first organized steps towards building parks and other green areas in Belgrade were made in the vicinity of Prince Miloš ‘ s residences, in Topčider and in the new Serbian part of Belgrade, outside the Rampart. When the residence of prince Miloš was built in Topčider, the land in its vicinity was swampy and …

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Karadjordje’ s Park

The are very few data related to the beginning of introducing greenery to Belgrade. The time of the creating of the first public green area is the time of the liberation of the Belgrade Fortress from the Turks – the beginning of 1807. In the place of today ‘ s Karadjordje ‘s Park,  in 1806 …

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Belgrade is the town at the junction of the rivers Sava & Danube 7000 years old.  The Sava coming from the west, and the Danube arriving from the north, join their waters to proceed eastwards. The fortress, built on the high ground is overlooking the confluence of these two rivers. It was laid in ruins …

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For decades, the Belgrade International Theater festival ( BITEF ) has been the pride and joy of Belgrade as a unique expression of culture. Transcending cultural lines, BITEF has survived a series of social and political upheavals. It remains the symbol of Serbia’ s revolutionary spirit. Beyond the festival, the theater building is a must …

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BEMUS – Belgrade Music Festival

Normally held every year in October, BEMUS features a variety of classical music performances, operas and choirs. The festival also features traditional music and children ‘ s workshops. BEMUS offers something for every music lover.

Belgrade Jazz Festival

The Belgrade Jazz Festival attracts some of the best visiting jazz musicians from around the world. The festival features a full spectrum of Activities, including a midnight performance, jam sessions, photo exhibits, a film program, and jazz workshops. The annual event is held in Belgrade ‘ s Youth Cultural Center and other venues accross the …

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Belgrade Beer Fest

  A 24 – hour extravaganza of good beer and good fun, the Belgrade Beer Fest features a great location, affordable prices, excellent music and entertainment for all ages. This five – day event takes place in mid – August in Belgrade ‘ s Kalemegdan Park, beneath the fortress walls.   Entrance is free and …

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Serbia-place to refresh your life

Facts and figures Area : 88, 361 square kilometers Population : 10 milion ( Approximately ) Capital : Belgrade ( Beograd ) Language : The official language is Serbian ; official alphabets are Cyrilic and Latin Religion : The main religion in Serbia is Christian Ortodox. Other religious communities include islamic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and …

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