Prolom Spa

Prolom Spa is in the south of Serbia, 23 km away from Kuršumlija, at 550 to 668 m of altitude. It is 85 km away from Niš, 98 from Kruševac, 284 km from Belgrade when taking the route through Kruševac, or 316 km away through Niš. Prolom Spa is a climate resort operating within A.D. …

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The Devil’ s Town – Nominated For Natural World’s Phenomen

The ” Devil’ s Town “ , the natural monument, is situated in the south of Serbia, 27 km south – east from Kuršumlija. This natural monument embrace two rare world’s phenomena: soil figures as specific relief forms rendering an attractive sight, and two wells of strong acidic waters with high mineralization. The terrain around …

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Lukovska Spa

Lukovska Spa is situated 36 km west of Kuršumlija, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kopaonik, 99 km away from Niš, 107 km from Kruševac and 297 km from Belgrade. Lukovska Spa is a Spa and Climate Resort operating within A.D. “Planinka” from Kuršumlija. Among the natural resources used in the spa treatments, there are: …

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Kuršumlijska Spa

The Spa is situated 11 km to the southeast of Kuršumlija. According to the variety of its curable mineral waters ( 25 – 68° C ) , it is categorized among a few most valued waters in Europe. ” Žubor ” Hotel, ranked as a two – star level hotel, offers 301 beds, 250 restaurant …

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The municipality of Kuršumlija is situated in the central part of southern Serbia, while the town of Kuršumlija is located at the confluence of the Kosanica and Banjska Rivers wifh the Toplica. The most important traffic route is the E – 80 ( Niš – Priština ) motorway. Kuršumlija is 65 km away from Niš. …

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