IvanjicaIvanjica – an air spa with 36. 000 inhabitans situated on the southwest of Serbia covers a part of Starovlaška ( Old Vlach ) plateau known as Moravicki region.

This area is one of the largest in Serbia.

On 468 m above sea level Ivanjica is surrounded by the mountains Golija – which is under protection of UNESCO as natural bio – sphere reservation and a natural park – then Javor, Mucanj, Malic and Cemernica.

Since intersected by numerous crystal clear rivers and brooks, with plenty of woods, greens and untouched nature as well as healthy food, this region represents a real oasis for tourists.

There are also good communications. Two motor – ways lead from Belgrade to Ivanjica, one passing through Arilje, the other one Sjenica with ” Ibarska magistrala ” and through Nova Varoš with Montenegro and Adriatic coast as well.

Therefore Ivanjica represents an important tourist destination, an exclusive ecology oasis as well as a bussines and a cultural center of this part of  Serbia.

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