Soups and broths

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      soupsThe term was originally adopted from German and the dish as well.

      One of distinguished soups in Vojvodina is the soup made on Sunday, prepared from various meat types: domestic guinea fowl, chicken, beef, veal, duck, goose, turkey, pheasant, cock and pigeon.

      Domestic noodles are added to soups, such as: knedle, fiekice, derviš and tarana.


      The word for broth in Serbian is of Turkish origin and means ” fatty water “ which is obtained by boiling meat. It has been accepted by the population living south of the Sava and the Danube.

      Various types of broths have been prepared since the 19th century: cibera or kiselica ( cibera is a juice made of wheat bran poured with hot water ) , beans broth, potato broth, and hot gulaš broth with ” čipetke ” , etc.

      The meat types used for broth preparation in Vojvodina are: lamb, chicken, pheasant, hare, etc.
      Among the most favourite are: white chicken broth, tomato broth, farmer’ s broth and fish or fisherman’ s broth.

      Fish and fisherman’ s broth is prepared of various small fish: carp, pike and white fish ( if the broth is made of bigger fish, only the tail and head are used ) with addition of onion, parsley, celery, bay leaf , black whole grain pepper and paprika.

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