Potpeće Cave

The Potpeć cave is situated in the Potpeć village 14 m away from Užice, in the northern valley of Drežnička Gradina ( 932 m altitude ) . The entrance to the Potpeć Cave is a monumental work of nature. The giant portal in the form of a horseshoe, 50 m high ( from the bed …

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The River Đetinja

The river Đetinja is a left tributary of the Western Morava and it is originates in the northern part of the Kremna valley, on the south – western slopes of the mountain Tara and is made up of 4 smaller rivers. A picturesque gorge of the river Đetinja, which creates an attractive canyon in its …

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Memorial Kadinjača

Among other monuments around Užice, one in particular is worth seeing – Memorial on Kadinjača ( 14 km towards west from Užice ). The memorial is dedicated to the troops of Workers Battalion from Užice, the Posavec and the Orasans, who scarified their lives on 29th November 1941. by protecting the retreat of the main …

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National Museum Užice

National Museum presents monument that was since the day it was founded placed in two separate buildings, built just before the Second World War for the needs of National Bank. In these buildings, in the autumn of 1941 the general headquarters of NOPOJ and the Central Committee of KPJ were placed there, and underground, in …

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