Tršić is a small village with about 1, 200 inhabitants. It is seven kilometers away from the center of Loznica, on the road to Valjevo. Tršić is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, a Serbian linguist and major reformer of Serbian language and spelling. There is a memorial complex in the village, which comprises the …

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Ethno Complex Ognjište

In western Serbia, 200km from Belgrade, 200km from Novi Sad and only 6km from Ljubovija, under the ancient Roman town and hill Nemić, on 380m above the sea level, in a small village BjeleVode, in ethno complex „ Ognjište “ , there is situated ,, Karadjordje’ s konak ” , a place for real vacation …

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Mali Zvornik

The Municipality of  Mali Zvornik occupies the central part of the north – west border of the Republic of Serbia, in the middle part of Podrinje. Created and limited by the river Drina ( in 1955 year ) , the Municipality of Mali Zvornik is one of the youngest but also one of the smallest …

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