The St. Roman Monastery

The St. Roman Monastery at 20 kilometers from Kruševac. Built by the end of the XIV century, on the foundations of a church from the IX century, as one of the more modest memorials from the time of Despot Stefan Lazarević. The church is one of the oldest religious buildings, dedicated to St.Roman, a pupil …

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The Naupara Monastery

The Naupara Monastery – built in XIV century. The church of the monastery is dedicated to the birth of the Mother of God and is situated next to the village bearing the same name. The monastery is 15 kilometers far from Kruševac in the direction of Brus.  Naupara was built in moravski style, with a …

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Jastrebac is the highest mountain in the area it can be reached following the road from Kruševac and passing through the villages of Golovode, Lomnica and Buci. Jastrebac used to be popular resort and its old fame is being restored now thanks to the hotels that have been refurbished and expanded, Jastrebac is a mountain …

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