Restaurant Banatski Salaš

Banatski salaš is placed in very neighborhood of Idvor, at the right waterside of the river Tamiš. Being built in the ornate ethno manner of Vojvodina, it presents a pleasant and comfortable place to make a stop. Besides with a warm welcome you are also expected with a swift and cordial service. The menu is, …

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Restaurant U susedov

The restaurant of national cuisine U susedov ( At the neighbors’ ) is located at a 30 meters distance to the Galery of Naive art in Kovačica at 64, Masarikova Street. The capacity of the restaurant counts 60 persons of the indoor and 90 persons of its pleasants garden’ s room, each one arranged in …

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Restaurant Srdiečko

The individual managed restaurant Srdiečko ( Little Heart ) is the oldest national restaurant of the Municipality Kovačica. It is located in Kovačica in 27, Maršala Tita Street. Established in 1989, constructed and arranged in the style of this ancient Slovak house with various details of the Slovak culture. During all these years its interior …

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Fishing and Hunting in Kovačica

The forest area next to the river Tamiš is rich in exquisite flora and fauna, presenting a real challenge to hunters, fishermen and nature lovers. Devoted fishermen are attracted by the lakes of Debeljača, where also numerous sports fishing competitions are taking place. There are hunters associations in each village, headquartered by the municipal hunters …

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Kovačica Municipality

The municipality of Kovačica is located in the Southern part of the Banat region, extending 419 km2 of the southeastern part of Vojvodina. The river Tamiš runs trough the northwestern, while the sandy terrain Deliblato, with its specific natural and geographic characteristics, covers the eastern parts of the municipality. 84.2 % of the complete territory …

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