Smedovac Wine Cellars

These cellars are situated at the entrance into the village Smedovac, on the wine way between vilages Rogljevo and Rajac. Unlike other complexes, they are almost connected to the village itself. In material and architecture, they are very similar to the cellars in neighboring villages, and certainly make the distinctive style unity of cellars in …

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Stubik Wine Cellars

These cellars are situated around 5 km away from Negotin and 15 km from the village Stubik. Beside their basic purpose, they were used as accomodation to their owners on the way to Negotin market days. There used to be around 300 cellars, owned by people from  Stubik and other village, and now there are …

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Rogljevo Wine Cellars

The cellars in Rogljevo were built in the 18th and 19th century, but the belief is that, as in other localities, they existed even earlier. The complex is consisted of around 150 cellars. In the middle of this wine village there is a central square, gathering cult place, inscription, well and an old mulberry tree. …

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Rajac Wine Cellars

Rajac cellars are the unique architectural complex of wine cellars built in the period from the second half of the 18th century till the beginning of the 20th century. The complex is formed as a close group of 270 cellars around the central square with drinking fountain and gathering cult place. There are curved streets …

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Negotin region

Negotin region is situated in the valley, surrounded by the mountains Miroč, CrniWth and Deli Jovan in one side and the Danube and Timok Rivers in the other side, which provides quite a specific climate in the area, characterized by very warm summers and cold winters. From Belgrade, Negotin can be reached by the international …

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Aquastar Danube

You can find a luxurious accommodation and relaxation in Kladovo in the newly built four star hotel Aqua star Danube, located on the verz bank of the Danube, near the city beach. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna. . . are on disposal to all the guests of Aqua star Danube Hotel, and our top hotel staff …

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Djerdap Hotel

Djerdap Hotel is located on the very bank of the Danube and apart from the comfortable accommodation; it offers a unique Danube cruise. Restaurant – boat Djerdap can host 120 passengers and it is suitable for tourist cruises, wedding banquets and business arrangements.

Ethno Festival

Ethno Festival of the Eastern Serbia –  EFES is a summer manifestation that gathers a large number of tourists and visitors. Starting with the food and drink, handcraft products of the local people, to several days’ long entertainment which is provided by numerous folk – dance ensembles and popular singers and groups.

” Jezero ” Sports Centre

Jezero Sports Centre is modern and well equipped for organizing sports events and sports training programs. The large hall with 2500 seats in the audience is fit for handball, basketball, volleyball and many other group and individual sports. To this day, the hall was a host of numerous domestic and international sports events.

Kladovo’s Municipal beach

Kladovo’s municipal sand beach is the right place for the summer holydays and recreation. As an alternative to seaside vacation, it gives almost matching experience. The vicinity of two hotels and several restaurants and cafes makes this offer more appealing.

The Church of St. George

The center of Kladovo is a promenade with lots of greenery, the center spot being occupied by an ortodox temple, The Church of St.George, built in the XIX century. Cultural Centre manages the cultural life of the city, and it consists of the Youth Centre, Cultural Centre with the library, gallery and large theatre for …

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Hydropower Plant Djerdap I

The Danube as a great water and traffic potential enables the production of the hydroelectric energy. Hydropower Plant Djerdap I is on the territory of the municipality of Kladovo. It was built in cooperation with Romania and since 1972 it produces a substantial part of the electric energy required for our country. At the same …

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Fortress Fetislam

Medieval fortress Fetislam was built on the foundations of the Roman fortification Zanes. The present form was given to it in 1524, when Mahmud II was Preparing to conquer Europe. During its tempestuous history, the fortress often changed its ‘ owners ‘ , and was eventually yielded to the Serbian authorities on April 26, 1867. …

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Trajans bridge

A rich historical and cultural heritage of the municipality of Kladovo, commences with the Trajan’ s Board, continues with the road ( Via Traiana ) that Trajan built to Diana, which is a  Roman castrum built at the beginning of II century AD, and further to the place where he over passed the Danube, having …

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Đerdap National Park

In  the western part of the municipality of Kladovo spreads the Djerdap National  Park. Djerdap National Park is the biggest national park in the country. It excels in valuable plant and animal species, relief phenomena, and outstandingly important cultural monuments, from prehistoric times up till now.

Hotel Golden Inn

The hotel Golden Inn is located in the centre of Majdanpek. Near to hotel are good sports and recreational facilities ( sport hall, olimpic size swimming pool and ski – centre ) and natural monuments ( Rajko’ s cave, Natural stone bridge Valja Prerast and Beli izvorac ) .

Hotel Lepenski Vir

The hotel ” Lepenski vir ”  is built on the hills above Donji Milanovac which is situated 161 m. above sea – level. The hotel has 115 twin – bed, 79 single and 78 double rooms ( cold and hot water, bathroom, WC, radio – set and balcony ) , restoran with 500 persons capacity, …

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Rajko’ s Cave

This Natural monument, unique in the Balcans, is located in Eastern Serbia, some 200 km from Belgrade and 2, 5 km from Majdanpek city center. Rajko’ s Cave, through which flows the subterranean river Rajkova, consists of two levels : the dry one with very elaborate cave decorations, and the river one. The total lenght …

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