Rogljevo Wine Cellars

The cellars in Rogljevo were built in the 18th and 19th century, but the belief is that, as in other localities, they existed even earlier.

The complex is consisted of around 150 cellars.

In the middle of this wine village there is a central square, gathering cult place, inscription, well and an old mulberry tree. Streets are of various widths, but they allow communication with cellars from both front and back side.

They are built of soft sandstone bricks, mainly square. The doors are square, many with stone arches above them. The back part of the cellar is dug into the ground, which provides necessary humidity and air temperature between 12 and 18 degrees C. The roofs are covered with the old-fashioned tiles. The cellars point from South to North. It is a custom to write the owner’ s name and the year
of built above the front door, and to carry it on from father to son.

The oldest stone – built cellar with the date was built in 1861, but there are many beam – built much older cellars. Once, there used to be two bakeries, the butchery and a building where lectures were held for winegrowers. All village gatherings always end up in cellars with outstanding wine and plenty of food.

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