Fortress Fetislam

Medieval fortress Fetislam was built on the foundations of the Roman fortification Zanes. The present form was given to it in 1524, when Mahmud II was Preparing to conquer Europe. During its tempestuous history, the fortress often changed its ‘ owners ‘ , and was eventually yielded to the Serbian authorities on April 26, 1867. Kladovo celebrates that days as the Day of the Municipality.

Fetislam Fortress is one of the 6 Serbian fortresses (Belgrade, Smederevo, Šabac, Užice, Soko and Kladovo ) that were yielded to the Serbs in l867, marking the Turkish definite withdrawal from this area.

Fetislam consists of a large fortress and the Little town inside of it, which was a military fortification and a significant strategic point for controlling the river traffic on the Danube.

Today, the fortress is a cultural and historical monument and a favorite camp for sportsmen and tourists.

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