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      PastaPasta is favourite food in all parts of Vojvodina ( Bačka, Srem i Banat ) . Numerous pasta forms in cuisine of Vojvodina originate from either German of Slovak cuisine.

      Basically there are two types of dough, for immediate and for later use.

      For later use there are various types of noodes ( trganci, tarana, rezanci, flekice ) for soups or stews.


      One of favourite meals is krautfleke with cabbage ( Krautflackchen ) , for which there is a saying that  ” it heals the sick ” . Favourite pasta in town is flekice with milled ham ( Die Grenadiermarsch ), nasuvo with poppy seed, cheese . . . , then sufnudle ( Schupnudel ) and flekice with sour cream .

      Other pasta types are prepared with potatoes ( testo, rezanci, nasuvo ) , called also ” grenadjirmars ” ( Der Grenadiermarsch ) , nasuvo with poppy seed, cheese then sufnudle ( Schupnudel ) , gomboce, tasci ( Die Tasche ) , which are served salty or sweet, and also skoverci ( pancakes ) and gibančice.

      Every nation in Vojvodina had its  own specific feature for various dishes. The same is valid for pasta, therefore there are various types of it: brindzovi haluski, krpice, rusinski peljmeni, trganjci with egg, trganjci with ham, old Vojvodinian knedle with cheese, tarana with milk, bunjevačka tarana with „ divenica ” and also various forms of valjušci.

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