Hunters’ Specialties

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      paprikašIt may be said that hunters’ specialties are not as widespread today as they used to be in the period when hunting was a prestigious quality and when the hunting activities were held at aristocracy estates. However, some dishes have been preserved similarly to the best trophies.

      Large game was highly respected, owing to their beauty and the skills needed for their hunting.
      The prestigious moments were lavish dinners for hunters and game dishes which were the proof  of enormous significance of hunting for centuries.

      The rules of hunters resemble those of knights and require that the trophies testimony about their hunting skills. Moreover, the success of a hunt is expressed in culinary art, the feast for the hunt participants, a typical garnering for males.

      Game  meat goes along with sweet taste. Thus, for example game dishes are served with cranberry sauce of  sweet – sour taste, and venison stew is served with dry plums to add flavour to the refined dish.
      When hunters’ specialties are being prepared, hunting stories are being told . . . At the table you may find: venison, hare meat, wild boar meat, pheasant, quail, partridge, wild geese . . .

      The dishes also found in Vojvodina are: venison paprikaš with red wine, wild boar, meat gulaš with white wine and smoked sausages, partridge stuffed with goose liver, wild ducks in sour cream, pheasant in red wine, quail with sauerkraut and Vojvodina style hunters’ steak.

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