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      Saher cakeNumerous cakes originally from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia or any other place found their place at dessert tables in Vojvodina.

      Housewives used to frequently make choice between different cakes: doboš, saher, Vasina, lincer, pusla, pišinger or srneća ledja.

      Exciting stories come along with most of them.


      Joseph Doboš ( 1847 – 1924 ) was very proud of the fact that his great grandfather served as a chef for Count Rakoši. He was himself a competent and a multi talented man who wrote several books and made several technical inventions. He became famous by his shop in Budapest in which people could find 60 types of cheese and 22 types of champagne at every moment, and he also managed to obtain delicacies or spices from all over the world. In 1887 he invented Doboš cake which has been prepared ever since by his recipe.

      The sweetest of all attractions in Vienna, the icon of its cafes, saher cake ( Sacher torte ) is now 175 years old, but still a favourite cake worldwide. It was brought to Vojvodina from Austria. A lot of fake recipes exist, since the original recipe is a professional secret.

      The story of Saher cake began in 1832 when the Austrian State Chancellor, Prince Metternich gave orders to his servants to create a new dessert for his guests.
      As the chef was sick, the task was given to a 16 year old apprentice cook Franz Sacher. The result was a bitter – sweet chocolate cake, now the worldly known dessert.
      Having spent many years working for count Esterhazi, Franz Sacher opened his own delicacies shop and offered his chocolate cake as well. It soon became the most favourite symbol of the town and set on a journey to conquer the world.

      Respectable, handsome and elegant gentleman Vasa, resisted both to the sighs and irresistible glances of many girls who wanted to marry him by the timе he was 41. Then in 1908 he finally decided to stop with his merry life of a bachelor and got married. He was delighted to hear the news that he was going to become the father. But there were some complications and he took his wife to Vienna to see the doctors. Vasas mother in law was deeply grateful to her son in law for saving the life of her daughter and grandchild. Therefore, she wanted to do something for him. She prepared a splendid lunch for the young  family upon their return and a new tasty cake which got the name Vasina cake. The same cake has been prepared in many households ever since.

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