Negotinska Krajina

Villa Kristina

Villa Kristina offers you an ideal opportunity to rest before or after a long journey or while visiting our town and surroundings. Hidden in a quiet part of town, villa is far away from city crowds and noise. It has 7 double rooms and one apartment. All rooms and apartment are furnished with exclusive interior …

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Villa Tea

Villa Tea is located in the down town. Villa Tea provides accommodation with capacity 24 beds and restaurant for 25 people. Rooms are exclusive, single and double. Villa Tea provide services of using internet, cloth ironing and laundry and room service as well. All rooms are supplied with air conditioners and TV sets.

Villa Delux

Regardless of the purpose for your visit to Negotin, Villa DELUX is going to meet all your expetations. We care able to accomodate up to 35 persons in 12 rooms and 3 apartmants. Villa DELUX serves rich continental breakfast. All rooms are contemporary designed and equipped with comforable beds, functional bathrooms with hair dryers, TV …

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Hotel Inex Krajina

The ” Krajina ” Hotel is located in very heart of  Negotin. The hotel provides accommodation in 65 rooms and 10 apartments with total occupancy of 190. beds. All rooms are equipped with bathroom, toilet, telephone and central heating. Here are some of the facilites that ” Krajina ” Hotel offers to its guests: bistro …

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Fish Restaurant ” Sidro “

Restaurant is located near down town, and has long reputation and tradition of preparing excellent fish specialties. We offer wide range of local and sea fish and excellent choice of domestic and foreign label drinks. Authentic interior as well as garden in summer season are at your convenience.   During weekend our guests can enjoy …

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Manifestations – Negotin

DAYS OF MOKRANJAC ( 12th – 18th September ) Every September, starting in 1966, there is a music festival in Negotin in memory of the greatest Serbian composer Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac. The only festival in Serbia relying deeply on our great composer, it has long overcome the frontiers of Negotinska Krajina by its choice of …

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Cultural Legacy of Negotin

THE KRAJINA MUSEUM The Krajina Museum was founded in 1934.  In its fund there is about 15000 items, of which 3500 in continual exhibitions at three representative objects: Archeological Museum, the Museum of Hajduk Veljko and the House of Stevan St. Mokranjac.   THE MUSEUM OF HAJDUK VELJKO ( TODORČETOV KONAK ) The oldest townhouse in …

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Koroglaš Monastery

The Koroglaš monastery, remains of the church building with necropolis, is among the significant Serbian medieval ( 14th – 15 th c. ) monuments of sacral architecture in the region of eastern Serbia or Negotinska Krajina. The church of the Koroglaš monastery is located in the closest proximity of Negotin, in the disrict of the …

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Bukovo Monastery

On the slopes of Bratujevac, 4 km west of Negotin, lies Bukovo monastery, situated in a picturesque landscape, surrounded by woods. It is presumed it was built in the 14th or 15th century. Of the original frescoes, the Holy Mother in the circle of angels on the vault remained, and above the church entrance St …

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The Vratna Nunnery

Vratna nunnery is located 30 km from Negotin, embraced by stones, far from the eyes of the public within the Vratna complex. Exact time of its construction is unknown. It is considered that the church originates from the first half of the 15th century. People believe that the monastery was founded during the reign of …

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The oldest story of Negotin originates from the times of the Romans ( 3rd century A.D. ) , the age of tetrarchy – reign of the four. In an area adjacent to the village of Šarkamen the remnants of a residence of the emperor Maximinus Daia were found, as well as the golden jewelry which …

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Pivnice – Wine Cellars

Vine cultivation has to a great extent preserved a traditional way of growing vineyards, cutting, processing and making wine. This was accompanied by a particular techhology, tools, mechanisms and wine containers and cellars used for wine preservation. Winegrowers marked the start of the vintage with clean cellars and dishes, while the first vintage day was …

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