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Veliko Gradište

The Municipality of Veliko Gradište is situated in the north – eastern part of Serbia and belongs to Podunavski  region ( Braničevo country ).It streches over 344 square kilometres includes 25 villages and 28,000 inhabitants. The town itself numbers the population of 6, 000 people, and it is the administrative, industrial and cultural centre. Veliko …

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The municipality of Arilje is situated in the western part of the Republic of Serbia and is a part of Zlatibor County, its altitude being from 330 up to 1382m. It covers an area of 349km2 among the three rivers-the Moravica, the Veliki and the Mali Rzav (one of the cleanest rivers in Europe). Its …

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Bečej-heart of Vojvodina

BEČEJ  is a town in the heart of the province of Vojvodina, situated in the middle of the course of the river Tisa on her way through Serbia,on its right bank in Bačka. Bečej is also the centre of the municipality which includes Bačko Petrovo selo, Bačko Gradište, Rasdičević and Mileševo. Here,in this municipality, citizens …

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Petrovac na Mlavi

Community Petrovac na Mlavi is located in Eastern Serbia, in county Branicevo.His spread 654.9 km2.By the census in this community lives 45 706 inhabitants ( Serbian and Vlahian origin ) . City Petrovac as the center of community, has 8 772 inhabitant. Relief is presented with hills and plains. Climate is moderate continental. Hidrography is …

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Municipality Ada is located in the central part of East Backa, on the right bank of the river Tisa. It occupies the area of 228,6 km2 on which about 19000 inhabitants live in 5 settlements: Ada, Mol, Sterijino, Utrine and Obornjaca. Ada has a very good geographical position that makes hunting, fishing, sport and recreation, …

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