Motel Tito

Motel ” TITO “ situated near Paraćin, Serbia, 140 km from Belgrade. There is a special room, where you can see things and books from epoch of Josip Broz Tito. Restaurant has capcity of 150 seats, and ” TITO “ is open – air restaurant. Because of its special position ( next to the highway …

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Motel Profesional

Motel ” PROFESIONAL “ located in Paracin, Serbia, closer to the payment station, near highway E – 75 Belgrade – Niš. It’ s a unique place, wher you can spend your time in pleasant company, and we offer good cuisine and exspirienced staff. Also we have rooms and apartments at your disposal. Call us for …

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Hotel Petrus

Hotel ” PETRUS “ is renovated in 2003., and majority of rooms and apartments are completely adapted in 2007. We are located in center of Paracin, 1, 5 kilometers from highway. Every room has modern equipment: TV and SAT TV, DVD, direct telephone line, mini bar, air – conditioner and Internet access either by cable …

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Museum of wax figures

” Wax figures of Serbia “ is the exhebition which presents the most important figures from our history, culture, science and sport. We wanted to make a time machine, a frozen picture of the time we live in. Beside the exhibits, wax figures, there are also iriginal costumes, weapons, copies of rare books, models of …

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Resava Cave

The natural monument Resava Cave is the most beautiful speleological attraction in Serbia, renowned for its richness and variety of crystal formations. Resava Cave is the first cave in Serbia to be prepared for massive numbers of tourists and represents a symbol of cave tourism Resava Cave is located in Babina Glava Hills at the …

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