Sićevačka Gorge

Along the international highway Niš Sofia ( E – 80 ) , 16 kilometres away from Niš there starts the well – known Sićevačka gorge, a rare beauty in which nature was a sculptor, and where centuries of its inspiration created a real exhibition of natural sculptures. One learn more about the gorge only after …

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Jelašnička Gorge

The river Jelašnica runs through Jelašnička Gorge. The name of the river and the gorge comes from the village Jelašnica. The gorge is situated 15 kilometres east from Niš, and only 5 kilometres from Niška Banja. Its total length is 2 kilometres. The gorge is a natural jewel and is considered one of the most …

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Hotel Ozren

The hotels Ozren are located in the central part of the Spa. These two hotels offer 303 beds and two restaurants, preparing meals from international and national cuisine, but also dietetic dishes. Apart from typical room – and – board services, guests may use: a pastry shop, a bar, a TV room, a snooker room, …

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Niška Spa

About ten kilometres away from Niš, at the foot of the wood – covered Koritnik, a slope of Mt. Suva, 248 metres above sea level lies Niška Banja, one of the oldest spas in Europe. The healing properties of its waters were well-known as early as in times of the Ancient Rome, over 2000 years …

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Hotel Niški Cvet

The hotel ” Niški cvet “ is one of the most beautiful hotels in Serbia. It is located in the very center of the city, by the Nišava river, with a city fortress and a quay. The best service, comfort, atmosphere that support work and rest make the hotel ” Niški Cvet ” your only …

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Fortress of Niš

At the Nišava river bank, on the remains of the roman military camp, the roman town called Naissus, and finally on the remains of Byzantium and medieval destroyed fortification, the Turks build strong fortress at the beginning of 18th century. The building of this fortress lasted from 1719 to 1723. it was build with local …

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