Ivanjica – an air spa with 36. 000 inhabitans situated on the southwest of Serbia covers a part of Starovlaška ( Old Vlach ) plateau known as Moravicki region. This area is one of the largest in Serbia. On 468 m above sea level Ivanjica is surrounded by the mountains Golija – which is under …

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Village Devići

Village Devići is another village with the longest tradition of a tourist resort in Serbia. It is located at the place where the rivers Brusnička reka and Studenica meet, 36 km of Ivanjica, 740 metres above the sea – level. The village is well – known for its locals hospitability. Guests can visit nearby Studenica …

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Village Lisa

Village Lisa lies 10 km away from Ivanjica, on the route to Guča, at the altitude of 800 m. The village stands for the  originator of countryside tourism in Serbia and has been a tourist resort for more than 30 years. The vicinity of  Hadži – Prodan’ s cave ( Hadži – Prodanove pećine ) – …

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Village Kušići

After twenty – five kilometers drive along the asphalt road on the route Ivanjica – Sjenica you reach village Kušići located on the slopes of historically notable Mountain Javor at the altitude of 990m. Its outstanding bioshphere, the overlapping winds which make the air perfectly clean and ions – charged, pine woods, as well as …

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Village Katići

The village Katići is located 22 km away from Ivanjica at the ideal altitude of 1000 m. The vicinity of Mountain Mučanj ( 1534 m above sea level ) , Church Bela Crkva and springs called Savine Vode ( widely believed to have healing properties ) and other spots make this village very attractive for …

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