Hotel Zlatibor Mona

Hotel Zlatibor Mona located in the heart of Zlatibor tourist resort nearby all major attractions. Hotel features 90 accommodation units with 201 beds in rooms, studios and apartments. The congress center of Mona Zlatibor Hotel consists of 5 separated units – three rooms, a congress hall, and a meeting hall. The congress center has a …

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Village Tripkova

Tripkova is located 20 km from the centre of Zlatibor. Although it has just 350 inhabitants, it is important for its cultural happenings. Summer occasions consist of artist colony, workshop of artisic glass and an international seminare of Serbian folklore. Festival of short film is established in 2005 and is held in beautiful ambient of …

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Village Jablanica

Jablanica is located 22 km from the centre of Zlatibor, and is one of the largest mountain villages in Serbia. Mainly it is situated on a cultivated valley, hung over by Tornik, the highest peak of Zlatibor that provides exquisite view point over hundreds of kilometers around.  Village is famous for its wooden church built …

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Village Dobroselica

Dobroselica is located 12 km from the centre of Zlatibor. Because of its ambiental values, this village was used as a natural scenery in a movie “Original Falsifikata “ . There’ s also a wooden church built in 1821.

Village Kriva Reka

Kriva Reka is a cultivated village that is located 17 km from the centre of Zlatibor. Lively and plentiful, with more than 1350 inhabitants, school, football and basketball terains, this village spreads over vast grassy valley surrounded by mild hills covered in fruit orchards ( especially plum ). In the centre of the village there …

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Village Sirogojno

Sirogojno is located 26 km from Zlatibor. It is famous for its outdoor museum ” Old Village “ and its women knitters. During the season various kinds of manifestations are held in this village: artistic, musical and literary gatherings, exibits, summer seminars etc. There is plenty of lodging place: 30 beds in ethno village, 20 …

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Village Mačkat

Mačkat is located 16 km from the centre of Zlatibor and has always been famous for its exquisite cuisine. There are 800 inhabitants that are mainly occupied in agriculture and delicatessen production. Smoked ham from Mačkat is a top quality and became the brand that represents the region of Zlaltibor. Mačkat is well known in …

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Village Semegnjevo

Semegnjevo is located 16 km from the centre of Zlatibor. It is situated on 1,000 m above sea level, environmentaly suitable for hunting and recreative tourism. Also, along with an asphalt road, there are plenty of forest paths that are ideal for mountain biking. Numerous springs of pure mountain waters and clear brooks are rich …

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Village Mušvete

Mušvete is a small village on mountain Zlatibor, located 6km from Čajetina and the tourist centre of Zlatibor. It is surrounded by three great hills: Gradina, Gliza and Cerova. Seven mills used to work on the cold streams in the village, and today there is a swimming pool. Besides the abundance of brooks there are …

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Village Rudine

Rudine is located 6 km from Zlatibor towards Sirogojno, and it is the most accessible village of Zlatibor. Characteristic for a high amount of sunny days and cultivated landscapes of grazing fields, this village is ideal for truck farming. Rudine is trully an oasis of intact nature. There are 40 categorised beds in the village.

Village Ljubiš

Ljubiš is located 25 km from the centre of Zlatibor. Village is rich in various flora, especially medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest fruit. There are fish ponds of California trout on the river Ljubišnica thar runs through the village. Ršum cave is also located here. Ljubiš is the birth place of a famous poet Ljubivoje …

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Village Rožanstvo

Rožanstvo is located 15 km from the centre of Zlatibor and has 450 inhabitants working mainly in agriculture. It is famous for the production of barrels, wooden tubs and other wooden products. The river Prištavica runs through this village, and on its right shore there’ s one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia – …

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ZLATIBOR is a mountain of exquisit beauty. It has pleasant and mild climate, large clearings, exuberent pastures intersected with mountain streams and pine trees-which this mountain was named after. Zlatibor is on the high – way Belgrade to the coast of Montenegro. It is situated 230 km from Belgrade and 25 km from Užice. The …

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