Fenek Monastery

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The Fenek monastery belongs to the group Fruska Gora monastery, although spatially dislocated from the rest. It is dedi­cated to  the  holy martyrs Paraskevi.

According to folk tra­dition the monastery was built in the second half of the fif teenth century and founded by Stephen and Angelina Brankovic.

In the monastery there is a particle relics of St. Petka and a monastery is a well whose water is the people believed to have miraculous   healing   effects.

Historically   and   spiritually, Fenek is the most important place in Donji Srem – it is a sanc­tuary which stands white in the fields like a guardian angel.

At 400 m from the turn of the monastery Fenek, there is a high stone monument in the nation known as the Golden Cross. Sam monument is devoted to a particular event or person, but a landmark monastery land. It was named after the folk tradition in which the Serbs during the migrations and wars in the eighteenth century, exceeding Sava hurry to reach landmark, as the country found manstirskoj security.

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