Rača Monastery

Rača Monastery ( pronounced as ‘ racha ‘ ) is the most visited site in Tara Nationa Park , with tens thousands of visitors every year. The story about the Monastery usually begins when we mention that it is 6km from Bajina Bašta. However, we won’ t make a mistake if we say that Bajina …

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The Drina river

The Drina river is formed from the Piva and Tara rivers joining at epan Polje, and offer its 346-km long way, it flows into the Sava river. Regarding its water potential it holds the first place in the Balkan Peninsula, and it is the most beautiful one in the opinion of many people. Fast and …

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The Vrelo river

The Vrelo river springs out of the masiff of Mt Tara and after its short flow falls down into the Drina river making a beautiful waterfall. The clean and clear river is only 365m long and people living in Perućac call it A-year-long river.

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