Fruška Gora

Novo Hopovo Monastery

Novo Hopovo monastery is situated 30 km from Sremski Karlovci. It was founded on the place of a previous church from the 10th century. Dositej Obradović spent three years in this monastery. In the monastery church, the holy relics of St Teodor Tiron ( 4th century ) are kept, and these ate the oldest and …

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Jazak Monastery

Jazak Monastery is situated near a namesake village, 45 km from Sremski Karlovci. This is the youngest and, most probably, the most beautiful monastery on Fruška Gora that was founded in 18th century. The holy relics of the last Serbian emperor, Uroš I Nemanjić, are kept in this monastery. Within the monastery complex, there is …

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Vrdnik Monastery

Vrdnik monastery is situated 42 km from Sremski Karlovci. The monastery was founded in the 16th century. For a very long period of time, the holy relics of St. Prince Lazar were kept in this monastery, and that is the reason why this monastery got a name Srem’ s Ravanica.

Grgeteg Monastery

Grgeteg monastery is situated 16km from Sremski Karlovci. It is one of the oldest and, certainly, one of the most beautiful monasteries on Fruška Gora. The iconostasis in the monastery church was painted by Uroš Predić, one of the most significant Serbian painter ever. The nearest replica of the icon called ” The Virgin Mary …

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Velika Remeta Monastery

Velika Remeta monastery is situated 12 km away from Sremski Karlovci. A legend says that this monastery was founded by Serbian king, Dragutin Nemanjić. One of the characteristic of this monastery is its bell tower 40 m high, the highest on Fruška Gora.

Krušedol Monastery

Krušedol monastery is only 12 km away from Sremski Karlovci. It dates from the beginning of the 16th century. For a certain period, it represented the seat of Karlovci’ s diocese. Many significant figures from the Serbian history are buried here, such as: Serbian patriarch Arsenije III Čarnojević, Serbian patriarch Arsenije IV Jovanović Sakabenta, countess …

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