Trajans bridge

A rich historical and cultural heritage of the municipality of Kladovo, commences with the Trajan’ s Board, continues with the road ( Via Traiana ) that Trajan built to Diana, which is a  Roman castrum built at the beginning of II century AD, and further to the place where he over passed the Danube, having …

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Trajans Board

Near Hajducka Vodenica you can find well – known Trajan’ s Board, carved into the rock in the year 100 BC, as a testimony of the efforts  of the Roman emperor Trajan, who was one of the most successful Roman emperors, to expand his territory on the Danube’ s left bank. During construction of HPP …

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Djerdap Gorge

On the site where the powerful and charming Danube impressed the  untouched  and  beautiful Carpathian  Mountains, Djerdap Gorge was born – the largest and the most beautiful gorge in Europe. Coming out of the gorge, the Danube, tired and peaceful, makes a meander in the shape of a horse’ s head, visible and recognizable from …

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Veliko Gradište

The Municipality of Veliko Gradište is situated in the north – eastern part of Serbia and belongs to Podunavski  region ( Braničevo country ).It streches over 344 square kilometres includes 25 villages and 28,000 inhabitants. The town itself numbers the population of 6, 000 people, and it is the administrative, industrial and cultural centre. Veliko …

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