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      Stara planinaEuroregion Stara Planina unites seven Bulgarian municipalities: Godech, Berkovitsa, Vurshec, George Damyanovo, Chiprovci, Chuprene, Belogradchik and four Serbian municipalities: Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Knjaževac and Zaječar. The Euroregion is established on June 20. 2006 on the basis of agreement between both sites of the border. The Regional Association for Tourism Development ” North – western Balkan ” is the partner on the Bulgarian site and Association for Regional Development of Stara Planina is the partner on the Serbian site. Euroregion Stara Planina covers a mountainous territory of 4000 km2 and 200 000 inhabitants.


      The organization works for the establishing and supporting of a sound neighbourhood, collaboration and a joint sustainable development of the region Stara Planina through development of the infrastructure, culture, sports, tourism, agriculture and protection of the environment.


      Euroregion Stara Planina will be an institutional stabilized and goodworking organization with built prestige on regional, national and international level till 2013, which significantly contributes to the increasing of the standard of living. Programs and projects for attracting investments and resources will be implemented as an important prerequisite for sustainable development of  Stara Planina ” – A unique region with preserved nature and culture values ” .

      Benefits of this Bulgarian – Serbian cross – border organization are opportunities for the exchange of information and experience, implementing joint activities, taking part in European networks and attracting investments.

      There are many special opportunities and funds for the European regions in European Unit. That’ s why Bulgarian – Serbian partnerships and common strategy for development are precondition for the attracting resources from these funds which will be used for the support of economic development of the region.

      After consolidation of municipalities in the Euroregion, opportunities for long – term collaboration between Bulgaria and Serbia are built.

      Euroregion “ Stara Planina “ is a full – rights member of the Association of European Border Regions. This is good opportunity for the presenting of state interests and popularizing of the region in an international level.

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